A first time for everything

A first time for everything, embarking on an Information Science Master’s degree has led me to WordPress and led me to blogging. Upon starting my latest university course, the last thing I expected, the first thing I would do is, start a blog. However, new endeavours and a great group of fellow students has encouraged me to be bold and get blogging. So I shall start short and sweet with a little bit about myself.

I started my career fairly recently after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts reading English at Goldsmiths, University of London in 2016. Since then I have had two ‘adult jobs’ my current job as an Information Assistant at Linklaters and the other working as a Briefings Officer at the City of London Police. Strange choices for someone who did an English degree but life is strange.

My biggest influences are the people and places in London. I have lived in London my whole life and have no plans to move as yet. Hailing from Croydon, moving to New Cross was no big feat but what a strange and quirky little place it is! The city is awesome and inspires me daily, the mix of dirty, grimy (typical London) infrastructure and the wonderful, kooky people are so endearing. Don’t be fooled, if you want out of the concrete jungle to go look at some green stuff you will find it London, my own South Norwood park is a epic expanse of greenery with a gorgeous lake. I currently live in Wandsworth and only west of my beloved Croydon what a place that is! Putney park especially.

Aside from my die hard love of London, poetry is a new and excitingΒ passion of mine so please check out my latest posts on Instagram. I have experimenting with the haiku form lately and love messing around with metaphor poetry so if you are a fellow poetry lover do get in contact!

So, some of the loves aside, this leads me to why I am blogging. Libraries and Information, knowledge and information keeping as a practice will stand the test of time without a doubt. The basic human need to know and understand is universal and connects us all together. My love of libraries started in the sandpit of Rotherhithe library at the age of 6, the sheer amount of knowledge contained within those walls was impressive to me and I have stuck closely by the library environment ever since.Β  I will hope to explore some of the theories and practice of the science of information on this blog.


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